Dinshah’s Spectrochrome System

The Fascinating Suppressed Color Healing System of Dinshah Pestanji Ghadiali

No Diagnosis — No Drugs — No Manipulation — No Surgery

The Spectrochrome color healing system of Dinshah is considered by some to be the most complete, evolved system of healing using colors projected on the body. The Healing Triangle of Light is Humanity’s Birthright.

Dedicated to Dinshah Pestanji Ghadiali

Humble Servant of Suffering Mankind

In course of life you reach a time,
When Doctor, Lawyer, Priest alike,
Does fail to give the sought relief,
To troubled mind or burdened heart —
Then come to me;
I help you to help yourself.

Dinshah’s prayer to the Grand Architect of the Universe and the Benign Masters of Wisdom

Offered at Bombay India,
Tuesday, February 10th, 1891

O Ahuramazda! Grant me Thy Powers!! Grant me that which was in me but was suppressed!!! Grant me the tongue that resounds the world, the eye that enfeebles the wicked, the nose that scents the truth, the ear that hears the ant, the touch that feels the ether, the intuition that knows the Norns, the health that helps the needy, the wealth that weilds the worldly; all so that during life I exist selfless and at passage to the Higher Planes leave behind a lighted trail to be followed by the Searther for the Beyond.

A fructification of this prayer is The birth of Spectro-Chrome.


The Boundless Vibratory Ocean of Thought is Essentially Universal and All-pervading; it is the Individualized Monopoly of NO Person, and is the Common Heritage of Humanity’s Evolution: thus, what a Development of Unrevealed Ages has given unto Me in the Form of Knowledge in my Present Incarnation is No Distinctive Acquisition of Mine for My Sole Use, Benefit or Elevation, but is All for Thee and Is Thine Without Condition, Without Obligation, Without Expectation. I Fear No One; Only God Above and Conscience Below, and From Them I have Nothing to Fear.

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