Finally, the world’s favourite colour has been revealed

The whole world’s feeling blue.

We can finally all agree on one thing – and it’s the colour blue.

A recent YouGov survey carried out in 10 countries – the UK, Germany, USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia – found blue was our favourite colour. Yep, we’ve all got a predilection for azures, indigos and baby blues.

In the UK, 33 per cent of us like blue best, the highest out of all the countries polled. But, regardless of continent, the colour still triumphed by a considerable margin.

There was some division among the genders – in both the UK and the US, 40 per cent of guys picked blue as their favourite colour, versus 27 per cent of women.

The world’s favourite colours by percentage:

World's favourite colours by percentageThat said, more women named blue their favourite colour than pink, proving those antiquated gender stereotypes wrong.

As for why we all love the colour blue, psychologists say it’s the colour of sincerity, trustworthiness, and peace.

So, basically, we all just want to get along. Peace out.




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