Narrow Wavelength of UV Light Safely Kills Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Potential to greatly reduce surgical site infections Scientists from the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Medical Center have shown that a narrow wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) light safely killed drug-resistant MRSA bacteria in mice, demonstrating a potentially safe and cost-effective way to reduce surgical site infections, a major public health concern. A paper just…

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Thousands in Kazakhstan participate in color-run festival

As we are approaching the summer, people all over the world are taking part in different fun festivals. Now the so-called color-run is one of those exciting ones that has gathered thousands in Kazakhstan’s Almaty. More than 10,000 people from all ages gathered at a mountain resort in Almaty to enjoy a day of fun, sports…

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Colours as communicators

Noted production designer Shruti Gupte tells us how art inspires life and life inspires art Did you notice that the lavender flowers on the car of Aisha in the Sonam Kapoor film are part of a colour scheme? Or the accented walls in Taare Zameen Par fulfil a purpose? And the you must have definitely…

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Pantone 448C is officially the world’s ugliest colour

A team of experts spent three months trying to determine the world’s ugliest colour. And, after detailed research into which colours generated the most negative reactions among the general public, the dubious honour goes to Pantone 448C, also known as opaque couché – a sludgy brown colour that was alternately described by respondents as ‘tar’,…

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Light, Darkness & Colours – Goethe’s Theory

Using Goethe’s Theory of Colors (Zur Farbenlehre) as a point of departure, LIGHT, DARKNESS, AND COLOURS takes us on a fascinating journey through the universe of colors. In 1704 Sir Isaac Newton published “Light and Refraction,” his study of the interactions between sunlight and prisms. Newton was, as a good scientist, intent on achieving objectivity,…

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